We had a couple of lovely bursts of sunshine in our week. On one of them, not only did I learn that miniature daffodils exist, I learned they are blooming at Trinity! What a lovely little highlight in the day as I (and you) live through pandemic times.

Did you know that Easter has only just begun? The Easter season is fifty days long – longer than Lent! It’s a time for us to look for new life and regeneration within these extraordinary times. Our own city and state’s headlines of job layoffs and hundreds of deaths should call us to prayer and careful action (that is one unspoken beauty of living out our resurrection faith). We are the light of Christ to each person that we meet. We pray that those who sorrow know the peace of Christ. We pray that the Holy Spirit’s work in our hearts finds new roots. We pray that the beauty of our Creator God continually unfolds in unexpected ways.

During this pandemic, we are each sacrificing for the protection of many. It isn’t easy work but it’s work that we can do (and that, as Christians, we are called to do). I pray that – as Easter grows week by week – you find those bits of “new life” bursting forth in your day or week. Maybe it’s actual life like birth of a grandchild (congratulations to Patty and Dan Davis!) or blooms in your garden. Maybe it’s something new like learning to sew medical masks or to worship online. Wherever you find the new and the life – new life – pause for a moment and give thanks to God for that gift of goodness.

Easter is only just beginning, friends! May we continue to see God’s life-giving hopefulness in all things. Alleluia! Alleluia!

Your Sister in Christ,
Mother Molly