The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

A member of our church recently recalled the joy of watching her four-year-old granddaughter catch fireflies near the lake. She said it was one of those magical times where all the adults wanted to almost freeze time in place – to capture the spirit of that moment forever. I hope we all have summer memories of fireflies – I know that I do and they’re among my most precious. To think of a four-year-old catching her very first fireflies – to imagine adults wanting to forever remember such a precious moment – brings to mind the importance of wonder for us as people of faith. The poet Christian Wiman wrote, of being Christian and of practicing of our faith, “Wonder is a precondition for all wisdom.” To wonder is to see beyond ourselves, to dwell in possibility. Not unlike all the possibilities that exist when a four-year-old chases incandescence on a perfect summer evening.

Your Sister in Christ,