The Day of Pentecost: Whitsunday

Dear People of Trinity,

Thank you for the gift of your understanding at my quick departure just as I began work on June 3. Being with my family at my mother’s death was a gift and I’ll be grateful for this always.

Listening to Each of You… Now I’m eager to begin getting to know one another. As I announced at our first service together on June 2, I want to listen and learn from you about Trinity and her ministries. You all are the heartbeat of Trinity – I want to listen carefully in our first year together to her stories and experience. I’m open most days for a walk (with dogs or pushing a stroller), a park visit, coffee, or a simple meal. And I’m happy to get together on the weekends for a walk or after church in my office for those who have full-time work on weekdays.

No one knows Trinity better than all of you. Your stories and experience are important to me and I hope that you’ll share them, especially in our first year together. I look forward to hearing from you either through the church office, cell/text, or email. My contact information is below.

Your Warm Welcome to the North Country… Michael and I are so enjoying all of your “Welcome to the North Country” gifts! From delicious honey, bologna, and cheese to baskets, wool mittens, and a top-notch windshield scraper, we could not be more excited to enjoy the North Country right alongside all y’all! I love local customs big and small – I was introduced to a Jreck sub this week and I’m addicted. We can’t wait for the salmon run in Oswego come fall. Let us know what else you love about the North Country and think I should experience.

A Weekly Message from Me… This is my first of a weekly message to Trinity. It will come both as a weekly email message and a Sunday bulletin insert. This week’s message is a one-off to get us started – most weeks they will be a type of spiritual encouragement or reflection on the holy. My intention is to encourage and I most often draw from the life of faith and on our life together at Trinity and in Watertown. Sometimes I’ll briefly explore a holy day or observance of the church in ways that I pray you’ll find helpful and illuminating.

Most especially, in our first years together, these weekly messages can be a simple jumping off point in getting to know each other.

If there is ever anything in a weekly message that sparks your interest (good, bad, or otherwise), don’t hesitate to stop me at coffee hour or drop me an email so that we can talk more about it. I worked in the field of communications for 18 years partly because I enjoy dialogue and learning about people so I’m always game for conversation and “wondering aloud” together about the life of faith.

In God’s Peace,

Mother Molly