By Thom Knudsen

Ingrid and Jill Knudsen are traveling to El Salvador.

Last year Ingrid and several other high school youths of the Diocese of Central New York went on the youth pilgrimage to our companion diocese in El Salvador. It was a powerful experience for her and opened her heart to continuing with ministry and work with our Salvadorian brothers and sisters.

Ingrid has been diligent this past year in maintaining contact with several of the youth and youth leaders there. She started a letter-writing exchange between the youth from Trinity’s table-top gaming group and the youth of the Mision San Lucas (St. Luke’s Mission), a rural mission church in the San Miguel area of El Salvador.

Trinity Table Top is currently raising money for soccer equipment for the youth group of San Lucas.

This year, the Diocese of CNY offered a trip for high school and college students to attend Cristosal in San Salvador. Ingrid will be attending as a student, and Jill will be a chaperone and translator.

Cristosal is a human rights organization founded by a joint venture between the Diocese of CNY and the Diocese of El Salvador. The organization started as a way for individuals and churches from North America to share relationships and resources with the Church of El Salvador. Cristosal has grown to become its own not-for-profit organization and has expanded its work in human rights throughout Central America.

The group of teens and young adults will learn about human rights issues and how to best make a difference.   Please keep Ingrid and Jill in your prayers July 7-14.