Join us Sunday, Jan. 28, following the combined service at 9:30 a.m., for the second in a series of small-group discussions, hosted by the Search Committee.

A light lunch will be served. Childcare is available. Many thanks to Debra Leopard for providing lunch today.

Regarding last Sunday

The Search Committee thanks all who were part of our very first focus group in the parish’s diligent effort to call a rector, whom God will help us choose. Our job is to listen to your voices in order to prepare a church profile which represents who we are.

Among many other thoughts, the following are a few of the common threads shared during our group time last Sunday:

■ We come to Trinity because of its music, the grand architecture, liturgical tradition, and strong leadership of our priests.

■ I feel the presence of God, and have found a home.

■ The people have a commitment to one another.

■ Trinity is a unique and welcoming community.

■ Its people make an effort to be inclusive and promote unity.

■ I’m never a stranger.

■ There’s a wonderful sense of camaraderie.

■ There is a commitment to the wider community.

We invite you to join us again on Sunday, Jan. 28 to discuss the theme of Worship/Leadership.

Self-study continues

Feb. 4: Third focus group, Ministries

Feb. 11: Spiritual Genealogy, led by Rev. Barb, whole group

Feb. 18: Fourth focus group, Mission/Outreach

Feb. 25: Fifth focus group, to be determined.