Thom and Ingrid Knudsen are going to El Salvador to commune with our companion diocese, the Anglican Episcopal Diocese of El Salvador. Their journey will be July 19 through 26 as part of the Youth Pilgrimage Ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York. Thom will be participating as an adult leader.

They now need to raise money to help support the trip cost.

All are called to give of our wealth; some are called to go. As good as videos and photos are, one cannot get a sense of our sisters’ and brothers’ lives without being in the churches, kitchens and fields, feeling the heat, smelling the pollution and walking in the dirt. As good as books are, one cannot get a sense of their history without standing behind the altar where their archbishop was shot or standing in front of the Wall of Remembrance with 30,000 names of those adults and children who died or disappeared in the civil war. And the joy of helping a child paint a T-shirt – perhaps the first new shirt in several years – cannot be described.

In El Salvador, the group will:

Learn about the work and witness of local faith communities. Build relationships with area Christians, other people of faith, and with each other. Serve with members of the local community to meet local needs. Experience another context in which the Christian faith is practiced. Worship with local congregations. Reflect on the mission team experience in light of the gospel. Become a youth leader in the Vacation Bible School through teaching, craft projects, and music with the children of the El Salvadorian Church.

If you are interested in supporting the trip, please make your check payable to Trinity Episcopal Church and write “El Salvador Trip” on the memo line. We also have a “Go Fund Me” page for those wishing to give online: DONATE HERE.

Thom and Ingrid Knudsen